The light at the end of the tunnel today is Gualchos.  This tiny sleepy village is neatly nestled between the sea and Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, it’s extremely pretty – a picture postcard and totally non-commercialised.  I guess that most of the residents here are Spanish although I understand that a few expats have moved in.  The Moorish church in the centre is lovely.






Gualchos is one of the famous Pueblo Blanco villages of the Apujarras and if I were going to live in this region I would definitely ignore the coast, head inland and embrace mountain life. The mountains are stunning.  I am so pleased that we have come inland to see an unspoilt Pueblo Blanco, it is definitely worth the detour.




The view out to sea from Gualchos is incredible except for the plastic greenhouses.  I understand that the agriculture is vital for the economy and the local people but I feel we would find it difficult to integrate into that community and to find common ground.


We are taking a mountain road up over the top and back down the other side.  Really gorgeous with incredible views of the neighbouring mountains and the mediterranean.

Satnav has taken us down another dirt track amongst the greenhouses …. get me out of here!

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