On the Road to Mojácar

We had an incredible storm last night.  John had said it must really rain heavily because the house gutters were 3 times of the size of ours at home – he was not wrong!

We left Nerja in the sunshine, ready to start the next leg of our adventure.  We were due to visit Almerimar and Roquetas de Mar today but another sea of greenhouses made us decide to stick to the road and continue on to Mojacar.

The landscape has started to change, becoming a lot more similar to landscapes you would see in middle east, more of a desert but still with mountains.  It is very beautiful and clearly a lot dryer.  Having said that there has been rain, I think the whole of Spain got a bit of a drenching last night.  The temperature hasn’t actually gone up compared to Nerja but it seems a lot warmer, strange.


The first thing I notice about this area is that the people are much more friendly.  You would never get a thank you from the people on the south coast but here they wave and smile, just like Cornwall.  The supermarket is also much higher quality, quite geared to the British (again I don’t mind that!) but with fresh local produce on proper counters, fish, meat, cheeses and hams.  I think I will have a field day in here.

The villa is great, much nicer than the last place and not a motorway in sight.  The motorway is about 12km inland of Mojacar, so doesn’t interfere with life here.


Jasmine is straight in the pool as usual!  We don’t have a sea view, we are in a valley in the mountains and do feel quite a bit more closed in but the area has a great feel so it is not the end of the world.  We are off travelling and walking most days, so not important.

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