2019 Marbella & Estapona

Marbella has a beautiful old town, which for some unknown reason I failed to take any photos of!

Marbella is stunning today, calm blue sea and blue skies. This weather is incredible considering it is only February. The promenade here is busy with people parading up and down and I imagine this must be a sight to behold come the height of summer.

Here are some pics I took of the beach and promenade area…

Plus a couple of the park near to the beach …


Estapona has a delightful old town with plenty of old buildings and bags of colour. There are a lot of properties for sale in the old town but in some cases I think you could push them over with your finger, they look so frail and unloved. I think if I was ever going to consider living in Spain (which I am not) I would choose Estapona. It has a vibrant old town with boutiques and restaurants, then the bigger shopping area and like everywhere else it seems, miles of sandy beach.

There is plenty to walk around and see here, we are wandering around in shorts whilst the Spanish have their overcoats on – it’s all relative.

I didn’t take any photos of the beach or promenade here, the resorts all look so similar but I have taken some of the old town.

This place seems to have a bit of polish and seems more real than so many other places you visit here …

Well maybe just one of the sea, where the promenade is very natural and unspoilt …

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