2019 Here we are again – Malaga


So three and a half years later we are back in Spain, a few things have changed for us since we were last here. Sadly the dogs are no longer with us, bit of a tough one. Plus we have traded our Landrover Discovery for a Mini Cooper – a bit of fun and a lot less cost! So we haven’t driven down this time, we came by plane to Malaga and then got a bus from the Airport to our hotel, really easy.

Malaga is a big city and really busy. It is a working port with passenger ferries and cruise ships in and out but it is not scruffy like lots of port towns, it is beautifully kept and a pleasure to be here.

The Marina
The lighthouse separates the marina from the beach

There is a lovely park that runs parallel to the marina and you can’t help noticing that there are loads of parrots in the trees.

Walking along the edge of the park
Parrots everywhere!
Water feature in the park

The old town is really gorgeous with a huge Cathedral.

The old town near to the cathedral
The Cathedral
Shops near to the Cathedral
Orange trees grow everywhere in town

The shopping centre is lovely, pristine. There are some little side streets too with loads of little merchants so it is a pleasure to look around. With lots of great shops and restaurants you are never short of places to browse or watch the world go by as you eat lunch outside in the sunshine

The main square in the middle of the shopping area
Beautiful buildings in the shopping centre
The main shopping street
A nice restaurant where we had lunch one day

A little bit of culture … squashed in between lots of new buildings is the Eglesia del Sagrado Corazon de Jesus, I am not massively into churches but this one has really pretty architecture, I don’t think it is that old though.

Eglesia del Sagrado Corazon de Jesus
Buildings around the church
This one looks fit for a makeover but a pretty building

The Roman Theatre has been well preserved, well relatively well preserved considering it’s over 2000 years old. Someone clearly dabbed too much concrete about at one time or another, I guess with the right intentions for crack filling!

The Roman Theatre Built 1st Century BC
Old buildings around the Roman Theatre

We took the long meandering uphill walk to the Castle – Castillo de Gibralfaro and it was well worth the climb. Burned a few calories too I would imagine! So quiet up there with incredible views, a big contrast to the bustling city below. The walk up is stunning and you have to remember to look behind you so you don’t miss a view point.

Lower buildings of the castle
Up at the top, the castle sits right at the top of the hill overlooking the town.
Enjoying the view
They would always see the enemy coming over the mountains!

Someone got a bit trigger happy with the concrete rendring up here too but it is still lovely!

Fabulous views from the castle over Malaga
Ca`stle Gardens
Beautiful blue sea.

Fabulous views from the castle.

The cathedral in Malaga and the mountains beyond
The building in the middle would be the old customs building
A ship in the port can be seen in the distance.

Last but not least Malaga has amazing beaches, we sat on a bench in the sun and watched the world go by. I can see why people watching is a popular pastime in Spain!

Such a glorious sunny day

The sun has shone every day since we have been here. It’s around 20 degrees in the day, so not bad at all. We certainly cannot complain

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