Vera Pueblo

Vera is a small walled renaissance town full of pretty squares and old buildings. It is about 10km from Mojacar in the province of Almeria.  The town was originally called Baria and was located closer to the sea near Villaricos, when the Arab occupation took over they moved the town to the hill of Espiritu Santo, but a huge earthquake destroyed the area in 1518. The town was rebuilt in the 16th century and later developed further in the 18th century.  The main Plaza Mayor (square) houses the Church de la Encarnación, originally built as a fort to protect against the Moors, clearly didn’t work very well!

Narrow streets and alleyways lead to lots of interesting shops and I am told that market day on a Saturday is quite a sight, the streets sprawl with stalls selling everything from a frying pan or a beautiful rug to bags and shoes.

There are lots of tapas bars and restaurants to choose from, the old squares are home to cafes where you can sit and watch the world go by or just admire the architecture and gorgeous buildings.

We both really liked this town, it has a calm and laid back feel.  I can’t imagine you would ever feel anything but safe and at home in a place like this.










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