Vera Playa and San Juan de los Terroros

St Juan de los Terroros is a holiday town/village full of urbanisations.  There are plenty of cafes and bars around and it looks as if some people do live here all of the year round.  The bars seem to be quite busy, it is 4pm and everyone seems to be having a holiday drink.  I would say the clientele are mostly British.  The village is made up of row upon row of cookie cutter properties. I understand that there are some luxury developments around but all I can see is large estates.


The natural area around is very beautiful, with rocky coves and a sandy beach and I feel that this has all been a bit spoilt.   I read that there is a palm tree-lined promenade, which extends the full length of the beach and attractive wooden beach bars allow you to enjoy the catch of the day.

Vera Playa

This looks like it has American style malls and the cookie cutter properties are back with a vengeance.  Vera Playa stretches 8km from Villaricos to Garrucha and within that there are 2km of nudist beaches.  At a push it might have some history – rumour has it that this is where Hannibal landed with his elephants in the Roman Age.

Today it is miles of development, not necessarily high-rise but it looks like someone has been busy with a Lego set, it all looks perfectly symmetrical.  It is a series of housing estates or urbanisations with apartment blocks, villas and hotels.

There is quite a plush hotel resort here and I am sure a stay there would be very enjoyable.  You cannot take away that, in itself, the 8km sandy beach is unspoilt and one of the best blue flag beaches in Europe.



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