Mojácar Pueblo

We went for a walk around La Parata this morning, the area of Mojacar in which we are staying.  There are lots of nice villas around and some have great views but it is just a little quiet.  Judging by the noticeboard, all in English, it feels like the area is being run by a the colonel and his oppos!  It also seems that not everyone wishes to conform with the rules, some people had apparently left the committee under a cloud.  Could you imagine John in this environment?  No, neither can I!


Mojacar is a stunning Pueblo Blanco set on a hillside.  This and Mojacar Playa (beach) are the 2 main areas; they are 2km apart. The town began to develop in the 1960s when land was given free of charge to anybody who would build on it!

Mojacar Pueblo is beautiful, a great place to visit as a tourist.  Quaint narrow streets are filled with white houses cascading over the mountain top.  Cute cafes and bars are dotted around, with little curiosity shops for the tourists. It is not overdone though and still retains its original Spanish charm.










The history of Mojacar actually dates back 4000 years to the Bronze Age around 2000BC, however the name Mojacar derives from its Moorish occupation and the Arab word “Munsaqar”. The moors defended the town against the Christian armies for hundreds of years until King Ferdinand and Queen Isabel reclaimed it in the late 15th century. Mojacar remains true to its Moorish legacy with its old Moorish fortress and the Mudejar architecture the area still evokes an Arabic aura. Under a law passed in 1987, the Arab architecture here will be preserved for posterity and for the joy of visitors who are enamoured with its ambience.

Right at the top you can sit, have a drink and enjoy the view that goes on for miles and miles.   Going back hundreds of years there would have been soldiers where we are standing, guarding their territory.






Mojacar Pueblo will be a place that Rafferty and Jasmine will hold close to their hearts for years to come.  Quite simply because of the number of cats ripe for the chasing!  I am sure that John’s shoulder will get back to normal … given time 🙂


Afterwards we headed to Garrucha, which is a traditional Spanish fishing town, nestled between the beaches of Mojácar and Vera.  It has a large marina but that is mainly commercial, so is not at all glitzy.  The town is famous for the quality of its large red prawns, only fished in the local waters; Garrucha claims to be the ‘Seafood capital of the Costa Almeria’. This is a very Spanish area and the only expats around are here for the supermarket, the best for miles!

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2 thoughts on “Mojácar Pueblo

  1. wow looks stunning…..glad the dogs are enjoying themselves though no doubt the cat community will be glad to see the back of them ha ha ha.
    Cloudy but warm again today…bizarre but great thank goodness



  2. Hi Pamela

    Yes it is lovely, great to visit as a tourist. We went to the Cabo de Gata today, the heat was pretty intense even in October so in August it must be blistering. Anyway, more on that to come later!

    Go well and please say hi to Mollie from me.

    Love Tracey x


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