Mojácar Playa

We have come down to Mojacar Playa to give the dogs their evening walk.  We have already got used to walking when it is cooler but actually at this time of year it is not too hot for them anywhere so far.  They haven’t struggled with the heat but they do like to be wet most of the time!


This is supposed to be dog exercise time!
How does this one work then?

Mojacar Playa is totally geared up for the British, everything is in Spanish and English. It is done very well though, the buildings are all low-rise along the coast and it is all beautifully kept. They are extending the promenade at the northern end and it is pretty long now, so they are really going for it.




There are a mixture of restaurants and bars, some very upmarket with white linen in abundance! There is also a whole range of casual dining from English to Argentinian, Mexican to Indian. I make it sound a bit Blackpool but it isn’t like that at all, it is tasteful and really gorgeous.

It is a holiday place though for sure. It is only very early in the evening and there are people about enjoying the beach and walking but it seems relatively quiet. Charming though it is, we are not sure this is a place you could live all of the year round.

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