Alumnecar is our next stop and our day is definitely improving.  We got out and had a walk around the old town.  This is a really lovely town, about the same size as Falmouth.  Quite Spanish but there are clearly quite a few nationalities about.

We walked up into the old town, where the streets were too narrow for cars.  White washed town houses with geranium filled balconies lined the cobbled streets.  A walk to the very top brings you to the church and the moorish fort, lots of history and lots of culture in this town, it has a great feel to it.




We came across a large square where people were sitting and having coffee and lunch.  An English song was playing, which I thought was a bit corny but I’ll let them off! We got ourselves completely lost, which in a way was a blessing because we got to see even more of the town than we had planned.

There are patisseries and bread shops, fishmongers and fresh fruit and veg shops.  We can easily shop here and despite the charm of the place it is not touristy, it is a real town.  There are plenty of bars and restaurants serving Spanish and International cuisine, ranging from cafes to fine dining. We love it!

Eventually we found the car and headed south to the beach.  The beaches here are pebbly but the bay is really gorgeous.  It is lined with apartment blocks but has a more upmarket feel to it than we have seen before.  Palms have been used for roofing on some of the bars and cafes, it is a beautiful spot.



On our way back to the car we passed the botanical gardens with lots of interesting trees and plants.  Really gorgeous and tranquil.  Palm trees are everywhere in this town, even down the middle of the main road.  It is very well-kept.

Botanical Gardens


This is a great place, somewhere we could definitely live and there is plenty of potential around for having a villa with a bit of land and a pool.

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