Today I am going to get into location mode.  We are looking for a house with a bit of space around it, i.e. a good sized garden and a pool.  I am not convinced we are going to find this in Nerja, not in our price range anyway.

The town is busy and bustling here in October, there is clearly a large population who live here all of the year.  It is also really warm and the skies are blue.

Nerha is a beautiful little town, and there are plenty of restaurants and cafes here to choose from, and lots of lovely plazas (squares) where you can sit and watch the world pass by.  The old quarter of the town is still virtually unchanged with narrow, winding streets, whitewashed houses with wrought iron terraces overflowing with geraniums, on which a canary can sometimes be heard singing.



The views from the Balcon De Europa are really something to behold and the whole area around the Balcon is stunning.  This town is well cared for and is not commercialised, it is all done very well.




We walked along the promenade, there really are some beautiful beaches here.  They are clean with crystal clear waters.  There are just enough rocks to make it interesting and with the mountains behind as a backdrop, the ambience of the place is wonderful.  Everywhere is pristine and there is clearly no shortage of money in the place.  This is definitely an upmarket resort and quite a large town with a population of 20,000 it definitely has a busy town feel rather than the village feel I was led to expect by the holiday guides.

It would make a fantastic place for a beach holiday but for me it is just a little too busy, even in October, to want to live permanently.




We went in the pool and sat in the sun when we got back – it was wonderful.

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