Hotel El Hildago, Valdepeñas

We arrived at Hotel El Hidalgo off Junction 194 of the A6 at around 3.00pm.  It was like an old-fashioned motel that you see in 1970s American movie.


We were in the land of the windmills and surrounded by olive trees and grape vines.  It sounds romantic and I guess it would have been had the motorway not been in such close proximity.

We have quite a high car with a top box on it.  We forgot we had a top box and drove under a low bar to park.  Oh dear!  Top box split and got lots of green paint scratches on it.  Had to back out again and thank goodness for small mercies, the top box sprang back up.  Still split but at least the right shape again.   Hopefully it can be repaired, one of us felt a bit sick crushing £400 worth of kit!

Couldn’t wait tonight for the restaurant to open at 8.30pm so nipped into the cafe and stuffed ourselves with hot sandwiches and Spanish omelette.  The bread really is gorgeous but its a few days now on bread and cheese and croissants means I am actually pining for some green veg!

Went around the back of the hotel and walked the dogs up a track through the olive groves.  The sunrise was beautiful over the hilltops, very serene until a juggernaut flashed past 🙂


Back in the car for the final leg to the coast.  We were off to our first real destination – Nerja.

We travelled across and through several mountain ranges down to Granada but the most stunning motorway scenery has to be the Sierra Nevada just south of Granada.  Could not resist a few pics here.  The beautiful white hilltop villages (not to be seen from the motorway) are sources of most of the mineral water sold in Spain.




Then we got our first view of the sea at Salobrena!


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