Arriving in Nerja

Arrived at the villa, which is up out of town, through an urbanisation and along a dirt track that is precariously balanced above the motorway, which flows hundreds of feet below.  Yes of course it has the required sheer drop and narrow hairpin bends! What else should we expect from a mountain goat path?

The track to the villa

The first outstanding feature of the villa is the stunning views across the town of Nerja and out over the mediterranean.  The next outstanding feature of the villa is the motorway just below us, busy as you like – not what you would call peaceful!  The villa itself is pleasant enough, a bit dated but has a beautiful pool.  So stick your ear plugs in to avoid the traffic noise and enjoy a chill out by the pool.  Around us are an array of citrus fruit trees, fig trees and some stunning magnolias.  I get the feeling the villa was here before the motorway, note to self, get a very good solicitor!




View to Nerja


We decided to go to the supermarket and stock up.  We plugged the destination into the sat nav and off we went.  Nerja is a pretty busy town with lots of traffic.  I think it has sprawled considerably since it was first discovered back in the sixties.  Anyway, more on that later when I’ve had a proper look.

There are a lot of English people around, they are everywhere.  The first thing that struck me about the supermarket was the abundance of Heinz, Kelloggs, Cadburys and various other familiar brands. Actually this I didn’t mind at all if I am honest; we lived in France and there was nothing familiar in the shops, we found ourselves craving things, so to see it all here is actually quite good. They were definitely catering for the British.  The next thing I noticed was the lack of a decent fruit and vegetable counter and virtually no fresh meat at all.  This leads me to conclude that we should be looking to the local markets for all of our fresh produce.

We managed to find the villa again, thanks to satnav and a small miracle.  The track over the motorway seems to be getting narrower – I hope one of those loose rocks don’t fall on us or worse!!

The view over Nerja and the Mediterranean beyond
The view over the motorway to Nerja and the Mediterranean beyond

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