This place is fabulous!  Quite a contrast to everything else we have seen over the past few days.  It is a busy and vibrant and a real working town but along side that it also has a very smart marina with bars and restaurants. The icing on the cake is the old town and castle which was built in the 11th century, just gorgeous.

Denia is an old town with a long history. Right back to Roman times it was an important centre. As such there’s no wonder that there are remains of ancient civilizations everywhere. There is evidence of human habitation in the area since prehistoric times and there are significant Iberian ruins on the hillsides nearby.

Behind the first line of buildings are a series of small plazas with some lovely restaurants, some of them are quite quirky.   The streets are full of the original little fishermens’ houses, which are all painted different colours.

Denia does not seem to have suffered in the same way as a lot of areas of Spain, it has a happy buzz about it.  We are really looking forward to seeing more of Denia and of the Costa Blanca.  Thumbs up so far!










There are also plenty of shops, the modern shopping area is lovely with recognisable brands.  On the outskirts of town there are all of the big DIY stores, supermarkets, home stores and the obligatory Macdonalds drive through, pretty much the same as in the UK.


Then I found us somewhere to live …. you could get our house into this boat about 4 times!


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  1. Hi Tracey,

    Congratulations for your blog and welcome to Denia. You are doing a great job here and your web is plenty of useful information for expats or tourists 😉

    I wonder if you mind if I use some of your pictures in my website bluemedvillas.com (of course linking you as author of the pictures).

    Thank you very much. I hope you fancy living here.
    kind regards.

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