Calp is dominated by the towering rock of Ifach which reaches an impressive 332m, rising almost sheer above the sea. The summit of the rock is reached after a tough climb up a footpath, by means of a short tunnel through the upper part of the rock. The tourist books warn that the path above the tunnel has almost no safety features and is not recommended for anybody with a fear of heights, the very young, or the remotely unfit.  Needless to say we did not attempt it with 2 dogs on leads!


Calp is home to high rise developments and is far removed from the fishing village that it used to be. We didn’t really ‘get’ this place, it was absolutely pristine and very smart but there was an odd feel to it.  I put it down to the fact that it was a new town and there was not really any charm or character.  Apparently there is still a very small part of the old town within the metropolis but you would need to work quite hard to spot it.



I will always remember Calp for the time I got shut in the public toilet on the beach and had to hammer on the door until a burly German bloke came and let me out.  Deep joy!

The views up the coast were very nice and the sea was crystal clear.  Jasmine enjoyed a bit of a dip and Raffy had his usual paddle!